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Welcome to Flying Deer!

Flying Deer Nature Center is a wilderness school and community dedicated to mentoring children, youth, adults and families in deep connection to nature, self, and others. Since Flying Deer's inception in 1995, more than 2,500 children and adults have participated in our nature education programs, wilderness adventures, coming-of-age experiences, and community activities.

"I love everything you do at Flying Deer, the way you reach children (especially my child), the way you make us all hum in harmony with nature! It's truly amazing, world-changing stuff." —Anne Undeland, FDNC parent

"This was the first year my son has gone to your summer camp, and I wanted to tell you what a great time he had -- such a positive experience! He would come home dirty, smelly, and tired—just what a 12-year-old boy should be after a day in the wild!" —Kay Lothrop, FDNC parent

"At Flying Deer, students gain comfort and self-sufficiency in the forest, and confidence that empowers them in all aspects of their lives."—Tes Reed, FDNC instructor, participant, and parent

Congratulations, Jenny -- and thank you!!

 On Sept. 14, our own Flying Deer community member Jenny  Gitlitz (at left on race day with Devin, Michelle, and Cedar)  competed in the Josh Billings Runaground Triathlon (27 miles of  biking, 5.2 miles of canoeing, and 6.7 miles of running) and raised  $3,800 for Flying Deer's Pat Franklin Memorial Fund. She also  won second place in the canoe category! Way to go, Jenny!

 Jenny shared these thoughts about her experience:

 I'm thrilled and humbled by the support I've received from so  many people. Especially during the last two uphill miles of the  biking leg, when I needed inspiration the most, I centered myself  by reciting all the names of people who've pledged and  contributed to this project. I felt so buoyed by my far-flung  community! I thought about Pat doing the SavageMan triathlon two years ago, and felt her urging me on. I thought about everyone who knew and loved her and missed her, and I felt their presence with me. At the finish line, I was so grateful for the many people -- including Michelle, Devin, and Cedar -- who came to cheer me on. The energy and love of that afternoon was incomparable!

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